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7 August
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Findlay Tait Branding

We were approached by new construction company Findlay Tait, to come up with their new logo and brand collateral. The brief from the client was to come across as friendly and approachable, a company that produce contemporary buildings and interiors.

6 August
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TSS – The Horbury Group

As with all of the The Horbury Group brands, the logo for TSS,  Tubular Scafolding Solutions, was created by subtley referencing industries main themes…. in this case metal poles. To come up with a modern, simple but unique logo for a saffolding company was quite a challenge, but all of the sketching and redesigning paid off in the end. We don’t think you’d find a better logo for this industry anywhere. Fell free to let us know if you do…!

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Croft Electrical – The Horbury Group

The Horbury Group asked us to create their new Electrical subcontracting brand, Croft Electricals. In the past, The Horbury Group have been keen to treat each of the sub-brands as seperate companies, a brand in their own right, our brief for Croft was to do the same.


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MWS – The Horbury Group

We have worked with The Horbury Group over the past five years, successfully providing them with a creative service when required. The Horbury Group are a group of companies that serve the construction sector, being the main contractor working on many of the UK’s most high profile buildings. The Horbury Group asked us to design the logo for their new brand, MWS, specialising in high end carpentry.