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4 February
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Boo-tique Launch Pack

Boo-tque are an independant cosmetic company, producing hand made, organic skin care products. After creating the look and fell of the brand, we were asked to work on the promotional pack that would be used to launch the family of products. To help communicate the message of ‘hand made’ and ‘organic’, we used a subdued colour pallet and uncoated, textured paper, reinforcing the ‘natural’ aspect of the brand. We were also responsible for sourcing the appropriate imagery to be used across the literature.

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SIG – FiT Customer Info Booklet

Sheffield Insulation Group (SIG) asked us to help them produce an information booklet to give out to visitors to their exhibition stand at Ecobuild held at the NEC. The booklet was required to give information on the The Feed in Tariff (FIT), introduced by the UK Government to encourage the installation of low carbon electricity generation equipment. As well as being small, handy and informative, the booklet’s primary objective was to promote SIG as THE experts within the renewable energy equipment market. Designed as an A6 concertina booklet, it was was possible to include a lot of information while keeping pocket sized. It has been a successful promotional tool, and is used at all of their exhibitions.